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Making a firstperson shooter game

2010-04-29 09:33:09 by Mansl

by useing my own skills in making firstperson games, I've made with DOOM sprites a firstperson gun, Now i'm makeingthe levels!

Making a firstperson shooter game


2010-01-10 09:02:39 by Mansl

It's 2010. Be happy.

I have manny Games!

2009-08-30 02:52:51 by Mansl

I have manny games that is not out on newgrounds! So if you want more of the games I do just check out my sites: http://www.bobbi.nuhttp://www.Youtube.

And remeber to be awesome.

I have manny Games!

Svenne Banan

2009-02-21 07:35:28 by Mansl

Hey, I am not the best flash animator ever. So don't be so hard on my game / movies.
This is the best song ever. But on swedish. You won't understand a word.

The song starts at 30-32 seconds and the good part at 1:12-1:14

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